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Structural Monitoring



Providing Continuous, Dynamic, Structural Monitoring of Structural Integrity
Bridge Monitoring Using Computers and Telemetry
24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

Award Winning Bridge Designed by Karl J. Svaty, Jr.


Currently, bridge monitoring is done by inspectors who rely on visual observations and personal experience in order to judge a bridge's structural integrity. Observation and experience, however, do not enable an inspector to know with certainty how a structure is affected by its dynamic loading. The Structural Integrity System will quantify a structure's reaction to loading and enable an inspector to accurately determine its structural integrity.

*** The Structural Integrity System is comprised of three parts. ***

1. Detailed mathematical analysis of the structure
The original plans are referenced to determine the best location for the Structural Integrity System. Powered by batteries and solar energy, the device uses strain gauges placed at strategic locations on the structure to monitor its linear deviations (or strain). After the Structural Integrity System is installed, the structure is tested with a known load. Using the test data and the mathematical analysis, parameters for a baseline of structural activity are established.

2. On-going structural monitoring and reporting
Occupying less than a cubic foot of space, the Structural Integrity System receives varying current from the strain gauges every eleven seconds and relays it to a controller/computer. The analog data is then amplified and the deviations are changed to digital data. The computer then stores the highest 250 loads along with the frequency, time, date, battery voltage and temperature. The data may be accessed at any time by remote transceiver. Reports will be prepared at periodic intervals from data received at the communications center.

3.Emergency notification
If the defined safety parameters of the structure are breached at any time, the Structural Integrity System will key its transceiver breaking into the communications center and alerting the engineers.

*** The information gathered from the Structural Integrity System
will help to answer three questions.

1. Should the load ratings of a bridge be changed, either increased or decreased? The trucking industry will continue to push for heavier loads, especially as the effects of NAFTA begin to become apparent.

2. Does the structure need repairs? If caught soon enough, minor repairs can reduce expenditures and prolong life span.

3. And most importantly, should the bridge or building be closed immediately to emanate collapse? Bridge collapses have resulted in the loss of too many lives.  As recently as 2007, the I-35 Mississippi River bridge in Minnesota collapsed killing 13 and injuring 145.  In l994, a bridge collapsed in South Korea, killing 32. One of the most noted bridge collapses occurred in 1967, the Silver Bridge in West Virginia, killing 46.


Structural Monitoring Projects

Sundial Bridge   California
Rolling Bascule   Florida
Royal Park Bridge   Florida
South Broadway Overpass   Kansas
US 24 Pottawatomie County   Kansas
Shawnee County Bridge   Kansas
Kemper Arena Construction   Missouri

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Chief Executive Officer

Karl J. Svaty, Jr., PE, SE


U.S. Patent No. 5,421,204
U.S. Patent No. 5,507,188
Canadian Patent No. 2,163,653

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